Thursday, March 31, 2011

HOW TO: Remember where you left it...

A common problem I believe everyone has at some point is simply remembering where you put down your keys, or your wallet, or your phone. At least three times a day before learning this technique, I would be searching frantically for the car keys, my ipod, or even my phone. I could just never remember where I had set these things down, it's like the underpants gnomes came and hid them from me. Well worry no more, those devious underpants gnomes won't be back to steal anything! By using this simple technique you can always remember where you left that oh-so-important yet never-where-you-left-it item!

I use a simple technique, well more of a habit, of making a physical and mental motion to firmly set the object's location in my brain. For example, before putting down my wallet I open it up, show myself a quick glance of all the bills, credit cards, licenses, IDs, and everything else within the wallet, then I put it down. This works because you know that all of those things are valuable, and by seeing it your brain will make an effort to keep in memory where these items are. You are essentially associating the location of your wallet with things of value, instead of just a leather wallet.

This works in a similar way to writing down something you don't want to forget. If, for example, you make a note to get milk while at the grocery store, you'll generally notice that at the grocery store you won't need to look at your note to remember it. Just the act of writing and seeing it further ingrained getting milk in your head, just as the act of physically opening your wallet and seeing everything inside will aid you in remembering where it was left.

You can use this technique for anything really. Before putting down your car keys, imagine walking into your car, and physically make the motion with the keys to start the car. I bet you'll be amazed next time you need those pesky keys that hid themselves on the upstairs bathroom sink.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


You should all visit the Origami Resource Center and check out their tutorials on using paper to make simple and advanced creations like a flower, dragon, and complex geometric shapes! They even have tutorials for folding money! Pictures below!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VIDEO: Speed Flying. What I would give...

SPEED FLYING (or Speed Riding) requires "a combination of paragliding and skiing skills". It involves skiing enormous slopes very quickly with essentially a parachute and skis, not for the faint of heart. Just a cool video, I would give my left leg to do this on my right. Enjoy!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is your life worth 15 minutes? (how to make your own survival kit)

What if right now there was a flash flood, or a hurricane, or even a tsunami just minutes away? What is your plan, where will you and your family go to stay safe, and how will you survive? Sadly, these simple questions are often left unanswered until it is too late. As seen after hurricane Katrina and the most recent earthquake/tsunami in Japan, hundreds and even thousands of people are left stranded from society by the sheer devastation. Emergency respondents are often broken up to provide relief to specific areas hit worst by the disaster. This leaves thousands of people without rescue, electricity, running water, phone service, and even food for days. Hundreds can die from the aftermath of a disaster because they lacked the necessary provisions to simply LIVE.


Take 15 minutes of your day right now and possibly save your life years from now when a freak disaster occurs. More often than not, it takes rescue teams 3 days to reach most effected areas. takes the guess work out of being prepared for the longest 3 days of your life. Learn how to protect your family and even pets, what to have ready, and what to do during various types of disasters.

Is your life worth 15 minutes?
Visit to get started.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tsunami in Japan: The Aftermath

The damage is done, thousands are dead, homes are gone, families uprooted, and relatives missing. I'm sure you've heard of the historic earthquake and tsunami that rattled the very fabric of Japanese infrastructure on March 11th, unless of course you live under a rock with the Geico caveman. The final death count and damage is still unknown, and the effect on the Japanese economy is incalculable.

Hundreds of buildings have been destroyed, either by the earthquake itself shaking all of Japan at a massive 8.9 magnitude (the largest recorded), or the unstoppable floods that followed. Homes have been literally shaken to powder or just swept up and washed away under the ground-shattering quake and huge tsunami swells.

To top it off, the Fukushima nuclear power plant suffered power outages after the backup generators were flooded, causing several cores to slowly overheat and leak radioactive material into the surrounding, which now holds 1,000 - 10,000 times the normal amount of radiation.

Rebuilding will take upwards of 5 years, the costs have been estimated at anywhere from $145 billion to $320 billion, and there is fear that leaked radiation is in the drinking water and will effect small children.

I'll leave you with several on-scene videos of the earthquake, incoming tsunami, and the efforts that are now going towards rebuilding (all short videos 1-3 minutes in length each). Extremely powerful stuff.




Hillarious Video: Drunk History

If you haven't seen it, Drunk History by funny or die on YouTube is one of the most brilliant video ideas ever conceived. The idea here is to get a historian flat-out wasted, have her tell a historic event, then have famous actors re-enact it word-for-word. This episode features Will Ferrel, Don Cheadle, and Zooey Deschanel. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Apollo Clothing Blog!

Welcome to our new blog! This will be base camp for behind the scenes, sneak peaks, giveaways, and other bonuses/coupons from Apollo Clothing! We will also continuously post new videos and pictures that you'll enjoy.

To start off the excitement check out these amazing video effects in First Person Mario by FreddieW over at YouTube. Enjoy!