Monday, May 23, 2011

My Frustration...

When I'm frustrated the whole world stops. It's as if I'm so focused on one concept that all the other neurons in my brain just stop firing until I can solve the problem at hand.

A great example is when I am programming and something just goes wrong. Sometimes I've gone too far to trackback and find the mistake. From there it's on to sorting through hundreds of lines of code until I find just that one so insignificant yet extraordinarily misplaced quote or semi-colon that crashed and burned the whole application. What's worse is that sometimes these little frustrations add up into full-fledged anger, and then it's a good bet something will end up broken. God forbid that during this small programming frustration my computer decides to lag for even five seconds, because it will pay the price through dents, scratches, and nicks (it's got enough already).

I've learned over many years of having a horrible temper just to pause, even for one second, and take a deep breath. There is some mystical healing properties of breathing (go figure) that just melts away all your problems. Another great technique I have is to just have your "happy place" in mind, and try to do nothing else but visualize and feel it for a minute or two. I imagine myself sitting in a hammock stretched between two palm trees dangling over the shallow water on a beach in Hawaii with the wind slowly rocking me back and forth (hopefully some day I'll get there). Just try and escape your frustrations for a few seconds if you can and you will feel infinitely better.

What do you get frustrated at, and how do you overcome it?


  1. I remember getting a mistake in programming but DAMN i just sometimes needed a breather, then resumed and it all went better than expected.